October 2010

It’s coming

A Quick Design Burst

A while back we wrote blogs. Looking back over them, we found that some of them could still be used. And so we present – A Design Thought: *** We make games. More specifically, we make Alternate Reality/Pervasive Games. I love ARGs. But I hate them, more. Which is probably an odd thing to say, […]

Ludic Spies

A new city has been chosen. New missions are being written as we speak and an image is about to be released. Watch this space for more news

Ludic Spies

Secret:CPH was the first Spy Game LudicNation ran. We have always intended to run other spy games under the Secret: brand, but we loved Secret:CPH so much that we didn’t want to let it go. So, we decided on the best of both worlds. SPIES is going to be the new spy brand. Unsurprisingly. Secret:CPH […]


Adam Mayes has been game designing for more years than he cares to mention. He’s penned traditional pen and paper role playing games, worked on major franchises including Far Cry and Star Trek and currently specialises in mobile and community led games, developing new and insightful mechanics that encourage players to collaborate to achieve their […]


Dan Mayers is a highly experienced game producer, designer and writer. From a background in journalism he moved into game development and has worked on key franchises including Tomb Raider and Hitman. He was the producer of the B.A.F.T.A. nominated Just Cause.


Ruddi Oliver Bodholdt Dal started making games as a kid on his Commadore 64, and spent most of this youth creating pen and paper role playing games. With a background in interaction design of digital media and communication he has worked as a level-designer on franchises as Watchmen and Gormiti.


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