My Name is Adam. And I’m a game designer. Which is how I like to start things. I also have Design ADD. Or, if you prefer, Design ADHD. *** My plans for the first six months of this year were just primed for aggravating this condition. So – I started to Get Things Done. Which […]

A Recap

So – it’s a new year. And I’ve taken this chance to look back at the 18 odd months that Ludic’s been playing about, and pushing games out. We’ve done three, let’s say, Alpha and Beta tests. We have had business plan ideas, and expansion ideas. But something happened during Summer last year. We stopped. […]


Adam Mayes has been game designing for more years than he cares to mention. He’s penned traditional pen and paper role playing games, worked on major franchises including Far Cry and Star Trek and currently specialises in mobile and community led games, developing new and insightful mechanics that encourage players to collaborate to achieve their […]


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